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Best Flour Prank Ever
Type Prank
Released July 1st 2013
Season 2013
Episode 11
Video length 3:10
Views 5,000,000 (as of Sept 2 2013)
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Twin Teleport Prank

BEST FLOUR PRANK EVER is a prank by Jesse on Jeana where Jesse puts flour in a leaf blower before Jeana does her 'Air face', an activity where a person puts their face in front of a turned on blower to make funny-looking faces. However, because flour is present in the leaf blower, it blows the flour all over Jeana's face. It was released on July 1st 2013 and have 5,000,000 views as of September 2nd 2013.


In this prank, Jesse pranks Jeana by placing flour in a leaf blower right before Jeana does her air face. When she turns on the blower, the flour blows all over her face.


Note: Each line separates each section of the video

  • Jesse: "Remember a couple of vlogs back when I did something called 'Air face', where I took a-like a leaf blower and I put it up on my face"

[Flashback of Jesse doing the Air face]

  • Jesse: "Jeana pinky swore she would do it"


  • Jeana: "Do it again but-"
  • Jesse: "You try it"
  • Jeana: "I'll do it another day, I promise"
  • Jeana: "I pinky swear everybody" [entwines her pinky with Jesse's]

[Flashback ends]

  • Jesse: "She agreed she'll do it today and I even-Oh you know what? Yo! We should definitely put a GoPro on the leaf blower. That'll look awesome! You'll look awesome. Your face would be awesome on it!"

Jesse sets up the prank, with a bag of flour hidden behind a curtain. He closes the bathroom door and pours the flour into the leaf blower

  • Jeana: "Can you go first because I want to-"
  • Jesse: "No!"
  • Jeana: "But I want to see-"
  • Jesse: "You pinky swore!"
  • Jeana: "I'm going to do it!"
  • Jesse: "You...pinky swore"

Jeana adjusts the leaf blower to her face

  • Jesse: "Alright you ready?"

Jesse turns on the leaf blower and flour blows out of the blower towards Jeana. Jeana exits the bathroom
Jesse turns off the leaf blower and silently whispers "Oh my God" in the mirror

  • Jeana: "Ew! F**k"
  • Jesse: [laughs]
  • Jeana: "That's not funny"
  • Jeana: "I need a drink"
  • Jesse: [laughing] "Oh my God"
  • Jeana: "I need a drink"
  • Jesse: [laughing] "You're getting it up all over the place"
  • Jeana: "Jesse! I need a drink!"
  • Jesse: [laughing] "Go get a drink"
  • Jeana: "What the f**k did you do?"

Jeana walks into the bathroom

  • Jeana: "Ew!"

Jeana sees herself in the mirror and gets shocked

  • Jeana: "Oh my God!"
  • Jesse: [laughing and removes the leaf blower off the sink]
  • Jeana: "You're a f**king asshole!"

The GoPro drops

  • Jesse: "Oh no! The GoPro!"
  • Jeana: "Jess! I got it in my f**king mouth"
  • Jesse: [laughing]
  • Jeana: "Oh my God! Ew!"
  • Jesse: [fist pumping behind Jeana in the mirror]

  • Jeana: "Ah! It's in my eye!"
  • Jesse: "Team Jesse!" [fist pumps]
  • Jeana: "This isn't funny, Jess!"
  • Jesse: [laughing and fist pumping] "Team Jesse! Team Jesse! Team Jesse!"
  • Jesse: "Are you-wait. Are you okay?"
  • Jeana: [cough]
  • Jesse: "You okay?"
  • Jeana: "Oh my God!"
  • Jesse: "It's in your throat?"
  • Jeana: "Look! You're clouding the sink!"
  • Jesse: "Did you open your mouth?"
  • Jeana: "F**k"
  • Jesse: "Wait. Was your mouth open?"
  • Jeana: "I don't remember!"

  • Jeana: "It's all in my nose!"
  • Jesse: [laughs] "I'll blow your nose!"
  • Jeana: "Shut up!"
  • Jesse: [fist pumping behind Jeana in the mirror]
  • Jesse: "Team Jesse SAAAN!" [laughs and fist pumps]
  • Jeana: "It doesn't look-"
  • Jesse: "Aw it was so perfect. So perfect! I was so worried that you would-"
  • Jeana: "You're so mean!"
  • Jesse: "You tried to make me go first, I was so worried"

  • Jesse: "Guess what?"
  • Jeana: "I'm not cleaning your sh*t"
  • Jesse: "Guess what?!"
  • Jeana: "I'm not"
  • Jesse: "You're cleaning ALL of this up. Team Jesse SAAAN!"
  • Jeana: [sneezes]

  • Jeana: "Oh no! Get it out my-"
  • Jesse: "Oh my-wait. Oh my-"
  • Jeana: "What am I gonna do?"
  • Jesse: "Can you hear me?" [wipes flour from Jeana's ear]
  • Jeana: "Yes but it f**king feels so weird"
  • Jesse: "Holy crap"
  • Jesse: "Wait. Let me see. Let me see [laughs]"
  • Jeana: "Ew! That's disgusting!"
  • Jeana: "What the hell am I gonna do?"
  • Jesse: [laughs and fist pumps in the mirror]
  • Jeana: "The other side. I can't-it's in here!"
  • Jesse: [laughs and fist pumps] "OH! Team Jesse!"

End of video



  • The thumbnail of the video is also uploaded on Jesse's Instagram.1

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