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Girlfriend Ruins GTA5
Type Prank
Released September 20th 2013
Season 2013
Episode 14
Video length 2:17
Views 1,200,000 (as of Sept 22 2013)
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GIRLFRIEND RUINS GTA5 is a prank by Jeana on Jesse where Jeana disturbs Jesse in multiple different ways in the hopes of getting Jesse to stop playing his new game Grand Theft Auto V. It was released on September 20th 2013 and have 1,200,000 views as of September 22nd 2013.


In this prank, Jeana disturbs Jesse, who has been playing Grand Theft Auto V way too much, in multiple different ways to annoy him and get him to stop playing. This includes taping his face, scaring him with a air horn, tying a rope on his chair and pulling it around the room, punching him with boxing gloves, blocking his view of the TV while whistling and doing jumping jacks, shocking him with an electric shock pen, using water guns to shoot water at him, shouting into a toilet roll at his ear, banging an empty soda bottle against a box to act as a drum, spitting water at him, lighting a fake explosion, and throwing a fart bomb under his chair.


Note: Each line separates each section of the video

  • Jeana: "This video game is literally taking over Jesse's life. So now it's time for me to step in" [chuckles]

Jesse is seen playing Grand Theft Auto V while Jeana is behind Jesse with tape in her hand
Jeana tapes Jesse's face with the tape

  • Jesse: "What the f**k are you doing?! What are you doing?! Stop!"
  • Jeana: "Oh sh*t!" [inaudible speech while laughing]
  • Jesse: "What are you doing?!"
  • Jeana: "Oh no, oh sh*t"
  • Jesse: "What the f**k"
  • Jeana: [laughs]

Jeana horns a air horn, scaring Jesse
The horn drops to the floor, Jesse looks back at Jeana

  • Jeana: [laughs]

Jeana, behind the chair Jesse is sitting on, ties a knot on a rope to his chair
Jeana runs downstairs with the rope, pulling Jesse's chair along with it
Jesse's chair hits the Xbox

  • Jesse: "What the hell"
  • Jeana: [laughs]

Jeana punches Jesse in his right arm with a boxing glove

  • Jesse: "Oh what the-"
  • Jeana: [laughs]

Jeana shocks Jesse in the neck with a electric shock pen

  • Jesse: "Ouch! What the f-"
  • Jeana: [laughs]

Jeana continues to shock Jesse in his left arm

  • Jesse: "Ah! Alright, stop it!"
  • Jeana: "I got your pens!"

Jeana puts Nylah on Jesse's neck
Nylah dives down to the floor

  • Jesse: "Okay?"

Jeana goes upstairs with two water guns aiming at Jesse and shooting water at him

  • Jesse: "Alright! You've been driving me crazy! Stop it!"

Jeana pulls the rope attached to Jesse's chair around the room, Jesse falls to the floor

  • Jeana: [laughs]
  • Jesse: [laughing] "Leave me alone!"

Jeana screams into a toilet roll at Jesse's ear

  • Jeana: "Do-do-dooo...! Chores!"
  • Jesse: "Stop it!"

Jeana walks in front of Jesse, blocks the TV, and blows a whistle while doing jumping jacks

  • Jesse: "F**k"
  • Jeana: "HahahaHAAAA!!!"

Jeana boxes Jesse's head lightly with boxing gloves

Jeana bangs an empty soda bottle against a box

  • Jeana: [laughs]

Jesse snatches the soda bottle and throws it downstairs

Jeana stands behind Jesse, drinks water, then spits the water on him
Jesse looks back at Jeana

  • Jeana: "Yummy"

Jeana lights a fake explosion beside Jesse

  • Jeana: "Weird explosion!" [laughs]
  • Jesse: "Woah!" [laughs]

Jeana points the water guns at Jesse, shooting water at him

  • Jesse: "Alright, alright!"
  • Jeana: [laughs]

Jeana gets up from the chair and throws a fart bomb under Jesse's chair

  • Jesse: "You annoy the sh*t outta me"

Jeana walks downstairs
The fart bomb pops

  • Jeana: [laughs]
  • Jeana: "Oh God, it smells so bad"
  • Jesse: "Aww man, are you kidding me"
  • Jesse: "Oh my God, it smells bad"

Jeana walks to Jesse with tape in her hand
Jeana tapes Jesse to the chair

  • Jeana: [laughs]
  • Jesse: "Seriously?"
  • Jeana: "Yes"

Jeana tapes Jesse's face, taping his eyebrows in the process

  • Jesse: "No! Wait, don't do that!"
  • Jeana: "What?"
  • Jesse: "This is gonna f**k my eyebrows up"
  • Jeana: [laughing] "Let me see your eyes"
  • Jesse: [laughing] "Stop!"
  • Jesse: "This is bad! Wait-"
  • Jeana: "No, now it's stuck on your ears really good, and you can hear"
  • Jesse: "What was the game? You're making me miss the game"

Jesse struggles to free himself of the tape

  • Jeana: [laughs]
  • Jesse: [laughing] "Yo, this is so bad"

Jeana tries to take the tape off Jesse's eyebrows

  • Jesse: "No no no no, don't do that! Don't you dare do that! Don't you do it!"

End of video



  • Ilya Kaplan - Funny Walk


  • The background music is the same music used in The Annoying Orange series.
  • The prank did worked as Jesse stopped playing it after the prank.

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