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Jeana Smith

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Jeana Smith
Jeana Smith - 2016.png
Biographical information

Full name:

Jennifer Smith


Philadelphia, PA


(1983-03-15) March 15, 1983 (age 33)




5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)[1]

Hair color:


Eye color:


Personal information


  • Steven J. "Steve" Smith (father)
  • Harilyn Sue Neff (mother)
  • Jason Smith (brother)
  • Unnamed (half-brother)
  • Jesse Wellens (ex-boyfriend)
  • Nylah (pet cat)
  • Bambu (pet cat)

Marital status:



  • YouTube personality
  • Prankster
  • Vlogger




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cherry Hill, New Jersey (formerly)


PrankvsPrank (YouTube)


Notable info:

  • Takes part in the National Ovarian Cancer Walk annually
  • Played Queen Gorgo in Epic Rap Battles of History
Social media information









What up, peeps!
Jeana Smith

Jennifer "Jeana" Smith (born March 15, 1983), is an American YouTube personality. Along with Jesse Wellens, they founded PrankvsPrank together in 2009. She had been with Jesse for 10 years and lived together in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA before their split.[3]

She graduated from Rowan University at the top of her class. Jeana's mother passed away from ovarian cancer on March 15, 1999, Jeana's 16th birthday. Hence, Jeana and Jesse participate in the National Ovarian Cancer Walk every year in memory of her mother. For a short time, Jeana's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer but he has recovered.

Jeana wasn't sure about dating Jesse and actually purposely lost his phone number when they first met. They reconnected a couple weeks later and eventually hit it off, even starting a long distance relationship when Jesse was stationed in Korea with the US Military for one year. During a live video chat, Jeana responded to a fan's question about marriage, stating that she would marry him if he proposed. Jesse was not in the room at the time, and when he came back and saw the question, he teased her about it. In 2013, Jesse and Jeana began teasing their fans about marriage on their vlogging channel, and have staged three proposal pranks, two of which are on their pranking channel.

Jeana has a strong Youtube following (Team Jeana). She often, much like Jesse, is willing to go to the extreme with her pranks. One of her pranks, where she pranked Jesse by tricking him into thinking she was cheating on him, is the most viewed prank on the prank channel, with over 36 million views. As of late she has taken to vlogging about her daily life (with Jesse) on their BFvsGF channel and posting cat videos on their other channel NylahKitty.