Jesse Wellens

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Jesse first started the prank war on PrankvsPrank after he tricked Jeana into eating a spoonful of cinnamon. Thinking it was hysterical, Jesse posted her reaction on the Internet and thus starting the prank war.

One night, Jesse and his friends were in the restaurant when Jeana and another girl named Faith walked by them. Jesse and his friends tried to holla at them, and they talked briefly. Later that night, Faith came up to Jesse and told him that Jeana likes him and thinks he's cute. After that, OMG said Jeana he came up to Jesse came to the restaurant and saw Jeana. He figured that Jeana didn't like him because she never called him, but they talked to each other during work for at least an hour. Jeana then asked Jesse to take him out on a date, which Jeana can't call Jesse until Tuesday because Jeana was taking the family out that same night, Jeana called Jesse at 3AM to let him know that she is able to talk to him before Tuesday. After that, Jesse and Jeana talked for hours a couple of times on the boardwalk in New Jersey, and Jesse lives in New Jersey, he took her to a hibachi restaurant in New Jersey for a date. The couple used to finish each other's sentence and since its too early to say "I love you", they substituted it with "L bomb". The first time Jesse said "I love you" was when the Jeana was in his bedroom. Jesse stood up and he put his finger in the shape of a "L" and said "I love you", leaving Jeana shocked. Later, they met in Dunkin' Donuts and Jesse drove Jeana to his brother's parking lot, where Jeana left her car and jumped in Jesse's car. However when Jeana pulled up and got out, Jesse notices there was a child's seat in her car's back seat. Jesse then asks Jeana if she has a baby, and Jeana replied "Yes, is there a problem?" with the straightest face. Shocked, Jesse was disappointed but Jeana later revealed that it was a prank, as it was her nephew's child seat. They later went out on a date at a hibachi restaurant and talked about having a lot in common. After dinner, Jesse brought Jeana back to her car and tries to get a kiss. However, Jeana left without giving him a kiss because she didn't want to make the first move as she was a girl. As soon as Jeana was about to close the door and leave, Jesse said "Wait...I don't get a kiss?" Jeana then came back and kissed Jesse, and that was their first kiss. Afterwards, Jesse needed to go Korea for a whole year and they started a long-distance relationship. During this one year, Jeana flew to Korea to visit Jesse. After coming back from Korea, Jesse was stationed in New Jersey. And now they live happily in Philadelphia, with their two cats Nyla (Ny Ny) and Bambu (Bambino) making daily vlogs.