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Channel information

Date joined:

November 9, 2009

Managed by:

Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith



Years active:







10 million

Total views:

1.7 billion

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100,000 subscribers


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1,000,000 subscribers


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10,000,000 subscribers



PrankvsPrank (often called PvP) is a YouTube channel managed by Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith. The channel mostly features videos of pranks pulled against each other and sometimes public embarrassment, where they do embarrassing tasks in public. Viewers who watch their pranks are known as "PvPeeps".

Jesse first started the prank war on PrankvsPrank after he tricked Jeana into eating a spoonful of cinnamon. Thinking it was hysterical, Jesse posted Jeana's reaction on the Internet. Jeana, formerly a nurse, eventually decided that getting even was way better than getting mad and started posting pranks on Jesse on the Internet, thus starting the prank war.

The channel officially reached 10 million subscribers on June 17, 2016. Both agreed that the diamond play button will be held by Jesse.

How They Met

One night, Jesse and his friends were at a restaurant when he saw Jeana and another girl, Faith. Jesse and his friends tried to "holla" at them, and they (Jeana and Jess) ended up talking briefly. Later that night, Faith came up to Jesse and told him that Jeana thought he was cute. Interested, Jesse gave Jeana his number but weeks went by and she didn't call. Later, they saw each other at the same restaurant and they got to talking again. It resulted in Jesse asking Jeana out but she wasn't sure. She had family in town but she ended up calling him that same night (which they now remember and laugh at) at 3am to arrange a date for that coming Tuesday.

After that, Jesse and Jeana started seeing each other and "would talk for hours". Jeana also (briefly) told Jesse she had a kid to see how serious Jesse was about her when he noticed her nephew's car seat in the back of her car. She quickly told him the truth and was surprised to find he was slightly disappointed; they spoke about having kids, settling down and found they had a lot in common. One year of their now decade long relationship was long distance as Jesse was stationed in Korea. Currently, Jesse is no longer on active duty and lives primarily in Philadelphia with Jeana and their two cats (Nylah and Bambu).

Jesse was the first to say "I love you". Their first kiss was interesting. Jeana was leaving after one of their dates when Jesse called her back and said, "Wait...I don't get a kiss?" Several times the couple has revealed that they are having relationship problems, with Jeana being the more open of the two. Most recently they confirmed they were having "not serious, like we're going to break up" problems in October 2014.

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