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Toilet Water Drink Prank
Toilet Water Drink Prank Thumbnail.jpg
Type Prank
Released June 18th 2013
Season 2013
Episode 10
Video length 4:06
Views 3,000,000 (as of Sept 2 2013)
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TOILET WATER DRINK PRANK is a prank by Jesse on Jeana where Jesse replaces the normal water in the jug they always drink out of with toilet water. It was released on June 18th 2013 and have 3,900,000 views as of September 2nd 2013.


In this prank, Jesse tricks Jeana into drinking toilet water by replacing water from a jug they always drink out of with water from the toilet bowl.


Note: Each line separates each section of the video

Jeana drinks a cup of water and opens the refrigerator to put a jug in

  • Jeana: "Why are you filming me for?"

Jeana puts the cup down immediately
Bambu climbs up to the counter and sticks his head inside Jeana's cup

  • Jesse: "Nothi-Bambu! Don't drink her water"
  • Jeana: "What are you doing?"
  • Jesse: "Nothing"

As Jesse approaches the counter with an iPad, Jeana steps back

  • Jeana: "What are you doing?!"
  • Jesse: "Come he-relax! I just want you to watch something, okay?"
  • Jeana: "What is that?"
  • Jesse: "Hit the Play button"

Jeana hits the Play button and a video plays
The video depicts Jesse scooping water from the toilet bowl and pouring it inside a jug, the same jug they use to drink water

  • Jeana: "Yeah...right. That's our f**king thing! Are you f**king kidding me?"
  • Jesse: "What are you talking-"
  • Jeana: "That's our f**king thing we drink out of!" [laughs]
  • Jeana: "I did not just drink f**king toilet water"
  • Jeana: "Please tell me I didn't drink toilet water"

Jesse turns the camera to him, and he laughs
He turns the camera back to Jeana

  • Jeana: "Jesse! Is this really our f**king thing? I hope I didn't just drink toilet water"
  • Jesse: "Why do you think I kept asking you for that can inside?"
  • Jeana: "I asked you if you wanted a drink"
  • Jesse: [chuckles]

Jeana opens the refrigerator and takes out the jug

  • Jesse: "You drank toilet bowl water"
  • Jeana: "Jesse!"
  • Jesse: "That's toilet bowl water"
  • Jeana: "Nononono-"
  • Jesse: "Wait wait wait wait. You made me kiss a brush that had poop on it"
  • Jeana: "Jesse, is that really toilet water?"
  • Jesse: "Yes! How else do I get you back?"
  • Jeana: "I'm just saying. Did you dump it out and put back the water?"
  • Jesse: "You really just watched-No! You really-"
  • Jeana: "You swear to God?"
  • Jesse: "I swear!" [raises hand]
  • Jeana: "Are you kidding me?!"
  • Jesse: "Dude!"
  • Jeana: "And I really drank it"
  • Jesse: "Yes! It's not-it isn't unsaf-it's been filtered"

Jeana tries to take the filter out of the jug

  • Jeana: "Why won't this come out?"
  • Jesse: "It's been filtered"
  • Jeana: "Nuh-uh, because you dumped it in and then put the filter"

  • Jeana: "No, its not coming-I want to know the truth"
  • Jesse: "Listen...listen"

Jesse puts the camera down and goes in front of Jeana

  • Jeana: [disgusted groan]
  • Jesse: "Listen"
  • Jeana: [spits at Jesse]
  • Jesse: [shocked and laughing] "Are you f**king-"
  • Jeana: [chuckles] "That's the toilet water on your f**king face now"
  • Jesse: "Can't believe you just spit on-Listen!"
  • Jeana: "Is that really the toilet water that I drank?"
  • Jesse: "Yes. You made me kiss-you made me put my lips-"
  • Jesse: "Are you serious? Now my stomach hurts"
  • Jesse: "You're just saying that"
  • Jeana: "No, but it kinda does and I don't know if thats why"
  • Jesse: "Listen. Toilet-toilets are actually-"
  • Jeana: "I don't care! You're dirty as sh*t and you explode your f**king explosion while you're at the seat. Thats nasty"
  • Jesse: [chuckles]
  • Jeana: "Embarrass yourself now. Yeah, explosion butt"

  • Jeana: "That's dirty"
  • Jesse: "I looked it up on the Internet and you can't-"
  • Jeana: "What do you mean you looked it up on the Internet?!"
  • Jesse: "I looked it up. You can't get sick from it"
  • Jeana: "That's so gross"

  • Jeana: "Was this-wait. Did you do this before or after I cleaned the bathroom?"

The music stops and Jesse opens the lid of a jar containing a spider

  • Jeana: [screams and runs away] "No!"
  • Jesse: [laughs] "I'm just joking. I wouldn't do it"
  • Jeana: "No."
  • Jesse: [chuckles]

Jesse scoops water from the toilet bowl and pours it inside the same jug

  • Jeana: "What are you doing?"
  • Jesse: "Nothing"

Jesse exits the bathroom with the jug of toilet water in his hand

  • Jeana: "You better not do that"
  • Jeana: "You better not do-what are you trying to do with that now?"
  • Jesse: [chuckles]
  • Jeana: "Jesse! Come on! Please! What are you gonna do?"

Jesse approaches the bathroom with the jug of toilet water in his hand

  • Jeana: "Ew! Theres like pubes on the seat. It's disgusting"
  • Jesse: "There are poop on it!" [pours the toilet water in the jug on Jeana]
  • Jeana: [screams]
  • Jesse: [laughs]
  • Jeana: "You're disgusting! Oh my God!" [inaudible screaming]
  • Jesse: "I had to get you back! I had to make sure it was good payback. I had to make sure"
  • Jeana: "Ew!" [throws her shirt at Jesse]
  • Jesse: [chuckles]
  • Jeana: "Ew, Jess! What are you gonna do about that f**king spider?"
  • Jesse: "Clean it up"
  • Jesse: "Its not that gro-is it really that gross?"
  • Jeana: "Ew, its nasty! You f**king take sh*ts all the time!"

Jesse brings the toilet brush to Jeana in the bathroom

  • Jeana: [screams] "Stop it Jesse! I'm not even dressed"
  • Jeana: "No, this isn't cool. I'm not dressed. Get away!"

End of video


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