Twin Teleport Prank

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Twin Teleport Prank
Twin Teleport Prank Thumbnail.jpg
Thumbnail of Twin Teleport Prank
Type Prank
Released August 8th 2013
Season 2013
Episode 12
Video length 3:18
Views 2,400,000 (as of Sept 2 2013)
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Twin Teleport Prank is a public prank featuring JacksGap (identical twins Jack Harries & Finn Harries) where they pretend to teleport up and down a mezzanine after requesting a photograph from the public. It was released on August 8th 2013 and have 2,400,000 views as of September 2nd 2013.


In this prank, Jack requests the public to take a photograph of him standing beside the sign. In the process, Jeana interrupts by asking the time, where Jack will hide behind the sign and Finn will reveal himself after hiding under a low wall above — giving the impression that Jack teleported up. Afterwards, Finn will hide back under the low wall while Jack reveals himself behind the sign — once again giving the impression that Jack teleported back down.


Note: Each line separates each section of the video

  • Jeana: "Whats up, this is Jack and this is Finn from JacksGap"
  • Jack: "Today, we're doing a little bit of teleporting"

Jack approaches a member of the public

  • Jack: "Could you take a photograph of me next to the sign?"
  • Jack: "Is it alright?"
  • Public member 1: "Yeah"
  • Jack: "Yeah, cheers man"

Jack walks towards the sign

  • Jack: "Can you hold it upright? Yeah"

Jeana walks to the same guy

  • Jeana: "Hey, excuse me sir. Excuse me"
  • Public member 1: "Hold on"

Jack walks behind the sign

  • Jeana: "Do you know what time it is?"
  • Public member 1: "It's 3:03"

Finn reveals himself above the mezzanine

  • Jeana: "Thank you so much"

Jeana walks away

  • Public member 1: "Where he at?"
  • Finn: "I'm right here. I'm up here"
  • Public member 1: "Oh! How did you get there?"
  • Finn: "I jumped"
  • Jack: "Cheers man, that's great. Thanks very much. Cheers"



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